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Looking to brighten up the staff canteen/smoko-room? We’re here to assist you with that!

“Napoleon Bonaparte famously remarked, ‘An army can’t march on an empty stomach,’ underscoring the critical importance of nourishment in sustaining productivity. This sentiment holds true today, particularly as we endeavor to support and nurture our teams amidst their professional endeavors away from the comforts of home.

Recognizing this imperative, bbquick-meals proudly extends its renowned frozen meal service—having served over 500,000 meals over the past decade—to the discerning business community. Regardless of your team’s location, thanks to our courier service, reliance on fast food diets for lunches and dinners is no longer deemed acceptable. We are committed to providing affordable high-quality, convenient nourishment to fuel your team’s success, wherever their endeavors take them.”

“BB Quick meals offer the convenience of a burger (without chips) along with a wide array of healthy, homestyle options, making it a choice for ‘Quick healthy Food’ rather than traditional ‘Fast Food’.

For large-scale projects in remote areas, pre-planned orders can be arranged in advance to streamline your resource planning process.

Regardless of your circumstances, our frozen portion packs are readily available for shipping anywhere in New Zealand, providing a convenient solution.

BB Quick meals are designed to be on hand for quick ‘heat and eat’ meals, professionally cooked, rapidly chilled, and sealed for freshness. Snap frozen to maintain quality during storage and transit.

Customers from various backgrounds have been impressed by the high quality of BB Quick meals.

Surprise your team today with our cost-effective meal solutions!

We’re here to assist you.”

no doubt about it…bbquick-meals are ideal sustenance for out of town sports teams…get them delivered to where you are heading to, to compete.

Let’s face it….students need to eat better and we are here to help….nothing could be easier (or more economic) than having a freezer full of bbquick-meals….or if it’s your night to cook get a pack delivered now.

btw as we are in Dunedin, bbquick-meals was born from the idea of supplying every student on campus 1 square meal a day….we still need to reach that target.

bbquick meals are perfect for contract shearing gangs!….these hard workers need a good size high quality homestyle meal for lunch…..all you need is a large chest freezer and you’ll be set!…..already we are supplying shearing gangs around the country.

A very large percentage of our customers are in the 65+ age group and it really does make all our hard work worth while to be able to help these people look after themselves…many of our meals are perfectly suited – for instance the top selling silverside with mustard sauce…we can help you to help these special citizens

A piping hot bbquick-meal and a large glass of milk…..DONE!

for sure you are grateful for your staff support…..bbquick-meals can help you show your appreciation

Provide your patrons with fresh oven cooked roast meals without requiring the facilities!

Stock up your camping ground shop with these, and keep those campers full and happy

We would love to hear from you if you desire our meals for any other situation!

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