Soup & Pudding 8 pack

  1. bbquick soup to start
    bbquick meal for main course
    bbquick pudding to finish

$59.90 $53.90

Soup - Homestyle Vegetable × 2

good for the soul

In stock

Soup - Pumpkin × 2

velouté could add a couple of scallops or prawns or a wee bit of smoked chicken to jazz it up a bit....but really no need....we love it!

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Pudding - Fudgy Chocolate × 2

this was a family favorite in the 70' with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or a dollop of whipped cream

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Pudding - Naughty Date × 2

right up there with the best....vanilla ice cream will compliment very nicely

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Main Ingredients:
, , , , , , ,

Servings per package:

Serving Size: g


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