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the island favorite... chef gordon and his wife fia (from western samoa) got together on this recipe, so it's a good one! (-:l=3

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Thai Chicken Curry

see if this is the best thai chicken curry (green style) you have ever had....imagine that - made in nz by a kiwi chef from dipton!....let us know what you reckon (-:l=3

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Pudding - Sunshine Coconut

The chef's favorite pudding back at blinkbonnie farm.....

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Soup - Chicken & Sweetcorn

Chinese style and it will be as good as if not better than the one at your favorite chinese restaurant it has a real nice tasty spicy bite to it - well seasoned in other words

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Satay Chicken

with real thai flavors - jasmine rice, cauliflower and cross cut beans

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done right..... fresh parsley, garlic & parmesan with the best bolognaise sauce ever!

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Israeli Chicken Couscous

customers just love this one.....delishimo!

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Ribs - Sticky Pork

with hoisin sauce and will need a finger bowl...say no more

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