We reckon an 8 pack of bbquick-meals is the ideal Christmas gift for that hard to buy for person(s)
A quality gift that is useful!

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Silverside with Mustard Sauce

probably this will have to be our signature's been our biggest seller from the beginning

In stock

Beef - Slow Roast

people rave about our roast beef which was our first bbquick-meal ever

In stock

Lamb - Slow Roast

omg!...this is a goodie...fia's favourite....

In stock

Savory Mince and Mash

comforting for sure....

In stock

Chicken Roast with Stuffing

done properly...this should take you back to the 2nd best roast chicken meal you ever had

In stock

Irish Stew!

very healing chef reckons when you are not feeling 100%....this recipe came out of chef's memory of back in the 70's doing his apprenticeship under chef Robert Nixon at the kelvin hotel in invercargill

In stock

Penne Chicken Pasta

mums favourite

In stock

Fish Fillet with White Sauce

the ultimate comfort dish! you have to stock up on these .... with a white parsley sauce alongside boiled potatoes, beans and carrots....mmmmmm...ummm!

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